Route Map


This is the intended route. Though it may change, it’s very close to the route my mom took in 1976.

TransAmerica Trail Summary:

The route is published west to east. I am going east to west.

Astoria, OR, to Yorktown, VA
(4,262 mi.)
1. Astoria, OR, to Coburg, OR
(234.5 mi.)
2. Coburg, OR, to Baker City, OR
(340 mi.)
3. Baker City, OR, to Missoula, MT
(419 mi.)
4. Missoula, MT, to West Yellowstone, MT
(332 mi.)
5. West Yellowstone, MT, to Rawlins, WY
(359.5 mi.)
6. Rawlins, WY, to Pueblo, CO
(390.5 mi.)
7. Pueblo, CO, to Alexander, KS
(292.5 mi.)
8. Alexander, KS, to Girard, KS
(333.5 mi.)
9. Girard, KS, to Murphysboro, IL
(411.5 mi.)

10. Murphysboro, IL, to Berea, KY
(410.5 mi.)

11. Berea, KY, to Christiansburg, VA
(381 mi.)
12. Christiansburg, VA, to Yorktown, VA
(367.5 mi.)


5 responses to “Route Map

  1. Kathryn Fenner ⋅

    You go, girl!


  2. Jo Thompson ⋅

    Dolly! You are amazing! What an inspiration! Have a great time and enjoy the riding! It’s so awesome that you are able to take this journey!

    Rock on and hopefully you’ll be graced with good weather along the way!

  3. Always kickin ass, with tons of class. YAY Doolie Gray!

  4. Chet Morse ⋅

    Go Dolly Go!

    Say hey to Christiansburg and Blacksburg for me…

    Wind at your back 🙂

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