Fun Facts

The Calm After the Storm
Milo- Similar to corn, used to make ethanol. All over Kansas. Very hard to tell the difference.

Kansas is the #2 or #3 wheat harvesting state

Alphalfa must be harvested with the exact right temp and amount of humidity. Some farmers set up tents in their fields with guages armed with alarms. They are awakened to jump on their tractors and snag the best crops! It will rot if harvested too wet. It will combust if harvested too dry.

There are cattle feed yards that stick out like a sore thumb across the Kansas flats. They are where farmers send their cattle to fatten up before being “harvested.” It will be easier to stay truer to vegetarianism after this trip. The smell is the worst. Acre after acre of rows of cattle eating who knows what just to round them out. Ugh.

Windmills stand tall and alone in the middle of many fields. Why? Aren’t they in the way? Farmers keep them around as antiques. They used to use the wind power to pump water into troughs for cattle.

Why do we have water towers? They’re just holding tanks. The water is pumped up once and there it sits. The pressure on the pipes running below the tower are enough to keep your water pressure just right. I bet the water inside of that is very gross.

People in Kansas have what’s called an SLC. This is the code word for Scary Looking Cloud. They usually turn into harsh boughts of rain or hail and sometimes a tornado! So far we have been around 5 tornados.


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