I’ve read a lot of equipment lists and they usually lean on the heavy side or the ultralight side. I think I’m right there in the middle. So far my weight is 26 lbs of packed weight. Here is what I am carrying:

Bike :
Surly Long Haul Trucker in green, my fav color
Womens Brooks Saddle. B-17…I think! (Leather) (ONLY PURCHASE A BROOKS WITH A CUTOUT IN THE CENTER. I switched seats midway because of numb body parts! Riding on a Specialized seat now…not much better really)
Specialized Odometer
Fenders, semi-homemade
Rack – Jandd for the front works great with Deuter
Deuter DS Rack Pack LR X 2
Deuter Rack Pack X 2
Deuter Handlebar Bag (sent home week 3. smaller bag needed)
Deuter Streamer 3.0 : Water Carrier with tube and lockable bite-valve (left this behind)
Speedplay Pedal System Light Action in Chrome-Moly Pink (not easy to walk in up the hills. I now would recommend anything else but these!)
Specialized Road shoes, had them for years and they’ve held up great! (Neoprene covers or rainproof covers are a good idea. Dew and rain will freeze your tootsies)
Native Sprint Sunglasses with interchangeable lenses
Inexpensive sunglasses to wear when I’m not riding (went home because I wasn’t wearing them)
Specialized Helmet
Specialized gloves : 1 spare pair shipped to colorado to pick up later; one cold weather pair (3 total) (sent bike gloves home midway. only using mitten/gloves for warmth)

Camping Equipment :
Big Agnes Emerald Mountain SL2 Tent (loving it but too much for one person to carry!)
Vestibule that zips onto the tent……a good idea but may not be worth it’s weight! (didn’t even leave the house!)
Footprint for tent
Womens Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15 Sleeping Bag
Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Sleeping Pad 20 X 66 X 2.5
Big Agnes Pumphouse Pump (blows up my pad, is a stuff sack, can be a shower) only $20!!!!!!!!!!
MSR Whisperlite Stove (I can cook a variety of meals with this)
Sierra Designs Sleep E-Z Pillow (went home midway to create space and I miss it)
MSR 11 oz Fuel cannister with Superfuel. Many fuels can be used with the Whisperlite! (there are much lighter ways to go!)
Sea to Summit XBowl and XMug. I was going to bring the XPlate but it’s too big for my needs.
Utensils that break apart and pack small with cork screw, can opener & bottle opener
McNett Smart Suds Campers Soap
McNett MicroNet Micro-suede towel and pot scrubber cut in half to save space
Aluminium 2 Cup Cookpot with lid (Boyscout mess kit from the ’50s) used by my mom on her ’76 trip

Clothing :
Bathing Suit
No undies (I use my swimsuit bottom when in my dress but no one bikes in undies)
Ibex Wool Calf-length Bike Pants
Ibex Bright Orange Wool Jersey
* Wool is very absorbant, it will wisk away moisture and also keep you warm. It’s great for cool mornings. The pants will keep my leg muscles nice and warm. If they get wet, they’ll dry fast and they won’t stink because wool is naturally antimicrobial! Can you tell that I used to work in the outdoor industry or what!*
2 Pair padded bike shorts (one was sent home already! I would have sent them ahead maybe to switch out later)
1 Tee shirt
1 Tanktop
1 Casual pant ( I want some but cannot seem to find any….still doing okay w/o them and it’s week 4)…never found any pants….
1 dress…no ball gown but it’ll spruce me up when needed
3 pair wool socks (down to 2)(up to 3 now…a tall pair added)
Smartwool arm warmers (never used on my arms but used often as an extra layer on the legs)
Stocking cap
Neoprene toe guards for over the bike shoes
Mountain Hardwear Epic Rain Jacket
No Rain Pants yet because I haven’t found any made for short ladies! *This is the one item I have really wanted the entire trip!*
2 Sports Bras
Ball cap (John Deere, in case you wondered) (didn’t go!)
Pearlizumi ear warmers (so far I have been using a bandanna to cover my ears)
Dark Poncho (bathroom)to throw over me when nature calls but there is no restroom. I did this all over Europe. This means I can stay with my bike too should I be on my own. Also used to cover my tent on my bike when it’s raining.

Odds and Ends :
Toiletries – Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, and much more but i don’t know you well enough to divulge this info.
Headlamp (use one that has an easy to find battery)
Pepper Spray…the fear of dogs is in me. Water and ammonia works too! ( i have been tempted but have not sprayed a dog yet)
Olympus Stylus 1030SW : shock and waterproof
Gorillapod : Everyone should have one for everyday life. It’s a flexible camera stand.
Emergency Blanket – I’ve gotten hypothermia on bike trips before…no fun! Trash bags work too!
Ultrathon Bug Repellant – 2 oz
Book to read
Anybody’s Bike Book..if you don’t have this, get it now.
Rope to hang food in trees when Bears could be near, also a clothesline, etc.
Maps from Adventure Cycling Association – A Must Have!
Cell Phone
Solar Charger, very small (went home because it wasn’t working)
Video Camera with 2 extra cassette tapes (did not go!)
Sun Lotion

Tools :
Pump by Parktool : expands to fit most bikes…this thing rocks!
Co2 Cartriges to pump up tires if my pump breaks (not needed)
Electrical Tape
3 Patch Kits
1 Spare Tire
Lock with a code (wouldn’t want to lose a key) and an additional 3′ extention cable (additional cable didn’t go!)
Bike Seat Lock…..that saddle is too expensive to loose
8 ” Cresent Wrench
Parktool Multi-tool
Spare Brake pads
Spare Brake and Shifter cables
Presta Tire Pressure Guage
Small Knife
Triflow lubricant for pedals
White Lightening (chain lube)

Food :
Hard Case for carrying 6 eggs…they won’t break! (didn’t go!)
Cytomax performance drink…let’s see if this stuff works… (didn’t go!)
Clif Shot Bloks, about 10 packets
Peanut Butter in a ziplock bag…takes up less space
Apples and bananas
Instant Oatmeal and hot chocolate…about 5 packets each
Raisens and Craisens mixed into a ziplock bag
Mini Bagels
Salt, Pepper, and Sugar Packets from any Fast Food joint

Though it seems like a whole lot, it actually packs down to very little. The food will fluctuate, the equipment will dwindle as it may be shipped home. I’m looking forward to reviewing how these items hold up over time. Will I stay dry? Will my Zippers bust? Will I get caught peeing in my poncho? I will be updating this list as I go so please come again.

The updates are in parenthesis. Added on the 13th and 23rd days into trip. Everyone is saying that I’m carrying too much weight. At this point I have shipped home 4 lbs of gear…a sweatshirt, mascara, camera case, etc. The only things left that I can bear to part with at this point are my book that I haven’t opened to read one page of and sneakers that I will not part with unless I get a nicer pair of sandals I can also hike in. As of day 23 I have sent the sneakers home!

I started with a dry bag on the back rack sideways filled with my pillow, sleeping bag, and mat. Now I have sent enough home that an entire back pannier bag contains the items I just mentioned. The dry bag was put into the other back pannier to hold the dry clean clothes at the bottom and the smelly or wet ones go on top. Much better system. Now only my tent goes on the back rack with 4 bungees to strap my clothes onto as I shed them, to hold my sandals, and rain jacket.


2 responses to “Equipment

  1. Julia ⋅

    No Undies???

  2. dollybikes ⋅

    Undies are a really bad idea. Don’t bike in them. To keep my gear down to a minimum I used my bathing suit as my undies when I needed. Maybe 3 times a week.

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