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Countdown:3 days…

This trip has given way to hours upon hours of thinking. I have envisioned and planned out the entire next 3 months of my life down to the last detail. I picture my new apartment and how it will be laid out. I know what I’ll be doing every weekend. I have all my goals written out. I know how much money I need. I know what my bike rides will be like and what conversations I’ll have. Of course none of what I have seen playing before my eyes as a movie on the big screen will actually come true. But hey, it was something to do to pass the time. The key now is not to be disappointed by reality and what it will have in store for me.
As for the trip, I had no expectations. I didn’t even try to picture what the next hour would be like. How could I? There were never predictable times. I liked it but I’m happy to return, at least for a little while, to a more structured environment. This trip has taught me that I don’t have to go on 3 month camping/biking extravaganzas to escape and enjoy the world. It’s the weekend trips with the people I love that will make the difference. I wasn’t taking the time to do that before. I thought lounging around on a Saturday was a good day off. Really? Ugh, I am ashamed. Sure, I would love to have lazy days. But my regular days will be so fulfilling that I will feel the need to slow down. I won’t come home and take a nap. I’ll go bike. I’ll bake or cook. I’ll work on my art. Do. Do. Do.
This has been such a long awaited trip and such a lofty goal that finishing in 3 days is really blowing my mind. I would love to scream! Do a little kung foo in the parking lot. I am so excited that despite feeling terribly sore and tired, I would love to just keep riding through the night and finish tomorrow. But I will settle down. That will subside when I see my sleeping bag.
It’s one of those times where I just want to say “ha, ha, in your face you non-believers.” These were folks that had expected me to fail or not go “fast enough” -whatever that means. Trips like this seem to act as filters. The people who matter are reading this now. They’re happy that I’ve done this and accomplished my goal. They want nothing but the best. So thanks to all you who are supportive. It’s not going unnoticed. I feel it every day. And yes, Mrs. Ball, I am going to write a book. I’m not exactly sure how to go about it but I’m going to give it a whirl.


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6 responses to “Countdown:3 days…

  1. Aunt Dorine ⋅

    Hi Dolly,
    The things you have learned on this trip are mind boggling. I have checked your” bloggidy” almost every day and I am so proud of your accomplishment. You have a mountain of memories and a wonderful connection with your adventurous mother. Just a few more days! Your wonderful postings have given us all some very cool insight into your trip. It gives me goose pimples! Keep Peddling!!!

  2. Mom and Dad ⋅


    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! ! !
    you did it…..
    you’ll never forget it………..
    you’ll want to do more….

    Thanks for staying so closely in touch over those 4000 plus miles….those 79 days…..


  3. Cuz Ashley ⋅

    YEAH! I’ve been loving your blog – check in on you weekly to see what you’re up to. Congrats on making it all the way. Never thought you wouldn’t 😀

  4. Ethiessen1 ⋅

    Your dad pointed me at your blog when I asked him how your journey was faring. It’s been an enjoyable read. That Wind Runner character you have would be a good way to get into the book if you decide to write one. I think most writers have an alternative voice that allows them to say things they wouldn’t say as themselves (hope that makes sense)….

  5. Linda ⋅

    Way to go, Dolly. I’ve so enjoyed reading about your adventure. I felt as though I was along for the ride, so thank you for sharing and congratulations!

  6. Dolly, Congrats on gettin’ ‘er done. We loved meeting you and your posse of inspirational women. We met a woman at one of our bluegrass festivals who had written a book and was selling it at the festival. The book was about her mother’s trip across the USA on a 3-speed bike in, get this, 1948! Maybe you’ve heard about it. It’s called “Once Upon a Chariot” by Iris Paris. Kiki is reading it right now and says it is pretty interesting. Anyway, I thought of you when I heard of this book.
    Stay in touch and if you are ever in Crested Butte, Colorado, give us a holler (btw, Crested Butte is an awesome place to unwind after a long-distance adventure).
    Lots of love, Gary and Kiki

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